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Detox can be done in many forms and methods. Very little is known as to how Chinese herbs and medicine can facilitate this process. Most western herbs are used singularly and symptomatically. In contrast, Chinese herbs are used in combination and are more effective at obtaining a balance in the body.

There’s a lot of talk about detoxification these days. People are looking for an effective way to rebalance their bodies and release toxic substances that have built up within.

Go with the flow of nature and nature will gift you with a healthy body.

Biologically speaking, our body already comes equipped with several systems to detox, thanks to three critical organs:

The Liver – The first line of defence against toxins, your liver acts like a filter to prevent toxic substances contained in foods from passing into your bloodstream.

The Colon – This organ has bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals. You need to keep your colon moving regularly since its main role is to flush out toxic chemicals before they can do you any harm.

The Kidneys – The kidneys are constantly filtering your blood and getting rid of toxins in the form of urine.

But because we tend to abuse our bodies in the normal course of life with all manner of alcohol, junk food and sweetened drinks, natural detoxing might prove too much for our bodies. Compound that with today’s sedentary and stressful lifestyles and it would seem that we are inviting physiological mayhem if we rely on natural but slow detoxification processes.

Most western herbs are used singly and symptomatically. In contrast, Chinese herbs are usually used in combinations in order to be more effective and establish balance in the body.  They are rarely used singly.

 Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a unique perspective. The deepest application of detoxification is about bringing Liver function to its highest level. Your liver is in charge of removing toxins from your body, producing bile and performing essential metabolic functions. An overworked liver can cause serious health problems.

Yes.  Chinese herbs, used for over 4,000 years, are still commonly used today in modern Chinese hospitals, often preferred over drugs as some are safer and more effective. Herb cultivation and harvesting has been a traditional art in China for thousands of years.  Chinese herbs have been studied and documented as to their energetic natures, medicinal functions, and remarkable effectiveness.

Treat the body with respect and your body will reward you with good health.

Detox naturally. Our range covers a variety of specific zones of detox.

We are connected to nature and its changes are reflected in our bodies. When the seasons change, our bodies mirror these changes. So health issues are essentially a sign that the body is not in harmony with nature. Because the Liver is related to Spring, now is the best time to enhance Liver function. Without strong Liver function, detoxification cannot accomplish any deep or lasting healing.

 Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medicine of energy and the understanding of how energy moves and changes in the environment and within the body. It also knows how to get the energy to move once it becomes stuck, or a cause of pain and illness.

Detox can be done in many forms and methods. Our body functions is a cross pollination of enabling effects. Plant based products have been a staple of Chinese medicine. At we try to source the best products for your convenience.

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